High Pressure Valves

790HPNM Spool Valve - Liquid Pressure 2500 psi

The most common type of valve for high viscosity fluid dispensing of shots beads and liquid gaskets including, silicone, RTV and grease. The spool seal causes a suck-back after the dispense cycle, cleanly breaking the material. The spool valve can be used with a 4-way valve controller for faster cycling and sharper cut off.

VMS400 Mini Spool Valve - Liquid Pressure 700 psi

A mini spool valve is similar in operation to the 790HPNM high pressure valve for dispensing silicone, grease and paste dispensing but for smaller deposits and smaller dispensing beads. Mini spool valves are high cycling valves with snuff-back dispensing of low to medium viscosity fluids.
LV-0126NM Needle Valve - Liquid Pressure 3500 psi

A high pressure needle valve is used for similar liquid dispensing purposes to the spool valve such as in dispensing silicone, RTV and grease, but for applications requiring an adjustable shot size. The needle design provides a precise closure to the dispense cycle. The needle valve can also be used with the VC-1195A 4-way valve controller for faster
VC-1195A 4-Way Valve Controller - Faster Cycling

When using a standard dispenser DSP501A to operate high pressure types of valves the return spring in the valve is used to close the dispensing spool or needle after the dispense cycle. For faster cycling and an increase in suck-back, a 4-way valve controller is used such as the VC-1195A, which provides an air pulse to open for a period and a second air pulse to snap the spool shut.