Poppet Valves

VP300 Poppet Valve - Minimum Shot Size 0.050cc

A multipurpose poppet valve for dispensing small shots for silicone, grease, RTV and single part epoxy dispensing. A diaphragm is located between the driving parts and the wetted parts increasing seal life and reducing maintenance. Shot size is adjustable. The valve spool seal exhibits a snuff-back that cleanly breaks the fluid deposit at the end of the dispense cycle.

VMP30H Mini Poppet Valve - Minimum Shot Size 0.010cc

As the name implies this poppet valve is designed for smaller bead and shot sizes than the VP300 dispensing valve, although the cycle rate is the same at 300 cycles a minute. Suitable for mid-high viscosity liquids such as, silicone, RTV, epoxy resins, adhesive, grease and fluids containing fillers. Seals are UHMW-PE and Viton.
VC-1195A 4-Way Valve Controller - Faster Cycling

When using a standard dispenser DSP501A to operate high pressure types of valves the return spring in the valve is used to close the dispensing spool or needle after the dispense cycle. For faster cycling and an increase in suck-back, a 4-way valve controller is used such as the VC-1195A, which provides an air pulse to open for a period and a second air pulse to snap the spool shut.