Positive Displacement Valves for Precision Dispensing

PDV-1000 Auger Valve - Positive Displacement Valve

A PDV-1000 auger valve is commonly used to dispense small amounts of solder paste. The auger valve or screw valve is a servo driven system requiring the addition of a PDC-2000 controller for rotation speed, fluid pressure and reverse drive affecting snuff-back. The auger pitch or Archimedes screw is matched to the mesh size of the solder paste. An auger valve may be used to dispense a material greater than 35,000cps that could include a filler.

PDC-2000 Auger Valve Controller

The PDC-2000 controller provides precise controls for the PDV-1000 series of auger valves. These include rotation speed, fluid pressure and reverse drive affecting snuff-back.
VDP150 Volumetric Positive Displacement Valve

Low to medium viscosities liquids of 5000 - 20,000cps not containing filler may be volumetrically dispensed in the microliter range using the model VDP150. The valve is adjustable from 0.005cc - to 0.015cc and is operated by a 4 way valve controller model VC-1195A to control the two internal check valves within the main body of the volumetric valve.
VC-1195A 4-Way Valve Controller

The VC1195A dispensing valve controller can be used with any I&J Fisnar liquid dispensing valve designed for 4-way control, meaning a dispensing valve accommodating a time sequenced air pulse to open the valve and a sequenced air pulse to close the valve. Such a controller permits faster cycling and replaces the dependency upon a conventional return spring.