Spray Valves for Precision Dispensing

SV1000SS Stainless Steel Spray Valve

General duty non-clog spray valve for coating all types of paints, varnish, urethane, liquid flux, lubricant and film under 1000cps.The angle of spay mist is adjustable by stroke adjustment on the valve and distance off the subject. When used in conjunction with an I&J Fisnar spray valve controller the valve's spray nozzle is anti clogging. Liquid is fed from a pressurized reservoir of less than 100 psi. Dispense cycling is less than 200 cycles per minute.

SV1217 High Cycling Spray Valve

A high cycling spray valve of up to 400 cycles per minute and up to 28 cc/sec flow rate. Suitable for spray dispensing all types of coatings including, paints, varnish, urethane, liquid flux, lubricant and film under 1000cps. The valve is actuated by air pressure sequenced by an I&J Fisnar controller, spray coating and flow rate are controlled by liquid pressure, needle stroke and distance from the valve to the work plus the duration the valve is opened.
SVC100 Spray Valve Controller

The SVC100 is a programmable spray valve controller designed to control the SV1000SS and SV1217 spray valves. The controller provides the necessary programmable functions to ensure a correctly adjusted spray and to prevent any clogging on either valve that may otherwise occur. The controller enables flow rate and spray atomizing functions to operate independently. Control setting will vary dependant upon the liquid characteristic.