Cartridge Valve

A lightweight valve that is suitable for hand held operations and high cycling 
automated dispensing applications. The cartridge valve has a maximum fluid pressure 
of 300psi and can dispense low to medium viscosity fluids. Cartridge valves can be 
used for silicone dispensing, RTV and silicone oil dispensing, grease dispensing and 
lubricant dispensing.

Diaphragm Valves

Diaphragm valves are used with low viscosity fluids and are available in several 
configurations for UV cure, anaerobic fluids, cyanoacrylate resins, solvent and volatile 
liquid dispensing. Shot size is adjustable in the microliter range from 0.0001cc and 
valves can cycle up to 500 per second dependant upon the valve type.
Pinch Tube Valve

A pinch tube valve can be used in many situations, it is regularly used for volatile 
fluids, such as in cyanoacrylate and solvent dispensing. The advantage of the valve 
is that the wetted parts are consumable and can be discarded at a moderate cost. 
For this reason the valve can also be used with two-part resins and placed at the 
end of a static mixing nozzle.
High Pressure Valves

There are two high pressure valves that have fluid pressures above 3000psi, these 
are the 790HPNM series spool valve and LV0126NM needle valve. The spool series 
is used for high viscosity silicones and grease and has suck-back. The LV0126NM is 
suitable for small shots and beads of high viscosity. The valve is adjustable for shot 
size tuning.
Needle Mini Valve

A good general purpose needle valve for fine shots and small beads of medium 
viscosity materials. The valve is available with stainless steel wetted chambers 
suitable for UV cure, plastic chambers for anaerobic dispensing and 
aluminum as a standard configuration for silicones, grease and lubricants.
Poppet Valves

Poppet valves are a lighter version of a spool valve offering small shots and bead 
dispensing of medium-high viscosity fluids with a gentle snuff-back feature that 
prevents run-on. Poppet valves can be cycled up to 300 cycles per minute and are 
suitable for silicones, grease and paste.
Spray Valves

Our spray valve is the result of years of research and trials, spraying paints and 
varnishes requires anti-clogging technology and therefore the valve must be used 
with an SVC100 controller. Our spray valve is the best available. Atomizing air 
pressure is sequenced to commence prior to and post fluid flow so that the valves 
orifice is kept clean at all times.
Positive Displacement Valves

Positive displacement valves are available as auger valves, adjustable chamber 
volumetric valves or peristaltic dispensing pumps. An auger valve is a servo motor 
driven cavity auger that delivers material under control from its controller. This 
valve is suitable for high viscosity pastes. A volumetric valve has an adjustable 
chamber for accurate deposits.